Enhance your Google+ Hangouts on Air Experience – How to

The first question that you might have been looking for must be – Is there any difference between a Google+ “Hangouts” and a “Hangouts on Air”? So, to make it a bit more clear for you both of them are video conferencing calls but the major difference between them is that Hangouts are private and only the invited people know about them whereas Hangout on Air are public and streamed live to YouTube, your Google+ profile and anywhere else where the code will be embedded. TechCricklets will help you in enhancing your Google+ hangouts on air by suggesting the best apps and tips that you should use.

So if you want/looking to reach an unlimited audience then Google+ Hangouts on Air is one of the best and popular option for you as of now. Today we have came up with some of the tricks and apps with which you can enhance your experience of Google+ hangouts on air to promote your business online.

Below we have mentioned the list of tips with which you can promote your Google+ Hangouts on Air :

  •  Share with your circles
  •  Create a Facebook event
  •  Join the Hangouts on Air communities
  •  Email LinkedIn Connections
  •  Tweet it
  •  Share with Skype Groups

List of best apps in the market that will help you to “Enhance Your Google+ Hangouts on Air”. We will be glad if you can suggest some more apps to add up in the list.

    By using this application the live player of your Google+ Hangout on Air can be easily embed. Just copy the HTML code or the YouTube URL by clicking the Embed option once you’are in Hangout on Air and once it is embedded, your viewers can watch it directly from your website.
    Google+ Hangout’s Cameraman application is a way of controlling the Hangout streams, especially for those who wants to be seen on big screens. This application lets you to manage when a specific guest will appear to you and your viewers, so that you can introduce someone before they appear in your live broadcast or hide someone once you are done. Many people know that all hangouts by default use Cameraman application. On clicking on this Cameraman app it provides us an option to view or hide each person in your broadcast.
    This Cameraman application is available along with other standard Hangouts app, like Google Effects.
  3. The ‘Q&A’ APP
    The Q&A app also can be named as “THE QUESTION AND ANSWER APP” allows the Google+ users who hosts Hangouts On Air videos can now answer the live questions from there users very easily. The Q&A application provides us an advantage to let you pose a new question by letting anyone watching your question and those who host a broadcast can pick a question they want to answer and easily respond to them. You can ask questions from as many as people say 1 million if you want and you can easily timestamp a YouTube video for your broadcast by marking it as an answer. People can easily watch your answers and vote on them and also reply another recorded Q&A session afterwards.
    The best features of Q&A app are:
    • You can use the Q&A app as a host.
    • You can easily ask question when you want to.
    • You can view answers easily and also you can watch the answers even in videos.
    With screenshare app you can share your screen, easily collaborate in the Google Docs and even draw together in sketch up but also it’s very easy to share media and play games with your friends across the web. This Screen share application allows you to let the other people see your computer screen and even can use your screen and computer as the host computer screen and system. You can let others see anything open on your screen without having to download and just by sharing your screen.You can easily share your screen and you can stop sharing it anytime by clicking on the same icon.
    This application is an extension for Google+ and also it provides us several apps to enhance our Google+ experience. Its tool box contains 5 apps that can improve the hangout experience. These are some apps which are included in the Hangout Toolbox.
    • Lower Third – Allows you to display lower thirds or custom overlays.
    • Volume Control – Allows you to control the volume of each participant in a hangout.
    • De-Face – It allows you to hide yourself behind a meme face.
    • Soundboard – It is a neat soundboard app that provides even more sounds to play around with and if you want to stop then stop it by clicking “stop all” button.
    • Anonymous – By using this Anonymous application you can even stay anonymous in hangouts or just hide your eyes behind a simple black bar.
    Slideshare app makes it very easy to share and upload presentation. To use this app you just need to first upload your slides into Slideshare and as per by Google this is a six featured app for hangouts. Whenever you are in a hangout just select Slideshare from the apps menu to share your slides. Now you can easily present your slides to the live audience and ask for the reviews from your clients.
    With this app, you can easily manage all of your files on all devices. This app is just like a simple drive present on your computer system; the only difference is that it is present online. This Google+ application provides the host and participants of the broadcast the ability to collaborate and edit files from within the dashboard itself. To open the Google drive app, just go to the left side of the video call window and you’ll see a bar with many app icons. Now click the Google Drive button present on the left side of your screen. If it’s not visible, click “…”, Add apps, and the find and select Google Drive.If you will upload a Google Document that you have not been shared with anyone on the video call, you can share it with the other participants so that they can see and edit it if they need.

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